‘We are not just a place. But the great people of TFG make it happen. This includes not only our coaches, and our friends, but each and every visitor, guest, and customer’. Thank you.  Please meet our instructors:

Mike Givens, President
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Mike Givens
Besides being a fine golfer, Mike is the President and owner of our Tacoma Golf Center, which he started operating in 2001.  He is also a Teaching Professional.  In addition to having won many local regional events, he has won the Tacoma County Club Championship five times, in 1991, 1998, 2001, 2006, and 2007, as well as won the 2007 Washington Pro Assistant Championship, and the 2014 Senior Washington PGA Match Championship.  He was awarded the ‘PGA President’s Council on Growing the Game’ in 2010.  Mike is all about keeping it simple.  His view is, is that if you first control your path, then we will focus on golf at impact.  Additional bio here.


Todd Erwin
Todd is a heck of a golfer and is our Director of Instruction.  He has been with us since 2006.  Todd ‘has extensive playing experience, competing professionally for over 20 years. He turned professional in 1984 and became a member of the PGA in 1993. In 1987-88, he played on the Canadian Tour.’  He has won multiple golf championships in the Northwest, including four Washington Open Championships’ (92, 93, 00, 03).  His playing career also includes two appearances in the US Open in 1990 and 1993.’  He also won the Oregon senior in 2014.  Todd also won ‘the Senior Oregon Open Invitational at Wildhorse Resort in July 2014.  He is also a PGA Professional.  Additional bio here.
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Ken Kubitz
Ken gets people in touch with what is going on with the golf club.  With this concept, Ken has given 40,000 golf lessons with no advertising and all word of mouth.  Ken learned this concept from the legendary Manual de La Torre, who was first coach which the PGA recognized as “Coach of the Year in 1986”.  Ken has caddied on the PGA tour for J.C. Snead in rounds with Arnold Palmer.  It seems like an understatement to call Ken a Teaching Professional.  More about Ken here.
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Pat Bean
Pat Bean has been a Teaching Professional since 2000, and joined Tacoma Golf Center two years ago.  Besides being one of our main instructors, he is also our General Manager.  Pat is comfortable working with all levels of playing ability, and over the years he has had considerable success with individuals who are brand new to the game.  Pat takes the intimidation factor out of the equation for the new player, and makes it enjoyable to learn and improve. Every group has someone who can be counted on to be steady and positive, and that is Pat for us.  More about Pat, here.

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Craig Kennedy
Craig is a Teaching Professional who has been with us since 1999 and helps us a lot on a full time basis, which is sixteen loyal years.  He counts rounds of 67s and 66’s with no bogies under his belt.  Despite being still young, he already has been at golf for 32 years, starting at age 13!  He has been coaching golf professionally since 1990.  Additional information about Craig here.
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Bill Rasmas
Much like Todd, Bill has a heck of a good golf swing.  He is a much valued Instructor who has been with us since 2013.  Bill has won the club championship Meadow Park, in Tacoma multiple times.  Similar to Ken above, Bill is also a disciple of The Manuel de la Tore golf system.  More information about Bill here.
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Derek A. Barron
Derek is on a serious quest to earn his PGA card, and has been with us since 2008.  He has carded a 59, ‘The rare feat has happened six times on the PGA Tour, the last by Jim Furyk in 2013. Kevin Sutherland authored a 59′.  In November, Derek won ‘the 2015 Western Washington PGA Chapter Player of the Year, finishing ‘solo first or tied for first in an amazing nine pro-member events this year.’  He is a Teaching Professional as well as a PGA, Apprentice Assistant Professional.  Additional information here.