Mike Givens, Todd Erwin


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Mike Givens

Besides being a fine golfer, Mike is the President and owner of our Tacoma Golf Center, which he started operating in 2001.  He has been golfing since he was 13 years old and has a great swing.

He won the Tacoma County Club Championship five times, in 1991, 1998, 2001, 2006, and 2007, as well as won the 2007 Washington Pro Assistant Championship, and the 2014 Senior Washington PGA Match Championship.  He was awarded the ‘PGA President’s Council on Growing the Game’ in 2010.

He is the golf coach for The Annie Wright Upper School, Private Academy in Tacoma ‘won the Emerald City League’s Coach of the Year and Sportsmanship Awards for girls’ golf in May 2015.  Athletic directors from each school in the league vote for these two awards, the highest coaching honors in the league.’


Mike is all about keeping it simple.  His view is, is that if you first control your path, then we will focus on golf at impact.  He is a PGA Professional.  Mike is easy to talk to and liked by all.


Todd Erwin

Todd is a heck of a golfer and is our Director of Instruction.  He has been with us since 2006.  Todd ‘has extensive playing experience, competing professionally for over 20 years. He turned professional in 1984 and became a member of the PGA in 1993. In 1987-88, he played on the Canadian Tour.’

He has won multiple golf championships in the Northwest, including four Washington Open Championships’ (92, 93, 00, 03), ‘and is a 12-time Hudson Cup member. His playing career also includes two appearances in the US Open in 1990 and 1993.’

He also won the Oregon senior in 2014.  In conjunction with Derek Baron, Todd won The 2015 Pacific Northwest Section, PGA Pro-Assistant Championship by 9 shots with a best ball score of 64-62 = 126.

Todd also won ‘the Senior Oregon Open Invitational at Wildhorse Resort in July 2014, winning by six strokes over Mark Keating of North Plains Oregon and Scott Krieger of Portland.  Todd’s ‘three day score of 197 tied the previous tournament record that Chuck Milne of Vanco Driving Range set back in 2005’.


He is also ‘Head Men’s & Women’s Golf Coach’ at UPS University in Tacoma.

His to approach to teaching is to build players to show lower scores.  He is also a PGA Professional.

He was awarded the ‘PGA President’s Council on Growing the Game’ in 2008 besides other honors and attainments.  He is all business.  What you see is what you get.