Ken Kubitz, Pat Bean

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Ken Kubitz

It seems like an understatement to call Ken a Teaching Professional.  Ken gets people in touch with what is going on with the golf club.   The focus is in the club and the body responds to the motion of the club.  With this concept, Ken has given 40,000 golf lessons with no advertising and all word of mouth.

Ken learned this concept from the legendary Manual de La Torre, who was first coach which the PGA recognized as “Coach of the Year in 1986”.   Ken spent four years with him and learned from the best.


If all that were not enough, Ken has caddied on the PGA tour for J.C. Snead in rounds with Arnold Palmer.  He has been with us since 2008 but began teaching in the sixties.  He has coached Pia Nilsson, Troy Kelly and many current gifted and talented juniors.  Ken is old school and you got to love him for this.
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Pat Bean

Pat Bean has been a Teaching Professional since 2000, and joined Tacoma Golf Center two years ago. Besides being one of our main instructors, he is our General Manager.  Pat is comfortable working with all levels of playing ability, and over the years he has had considerable success with individuals who are brand new to the game.

Pat takes the intimidation factor out of the equation for the new player, and makes it enjoyable to learn and improve. As a former college basketball player, he also understands the competitive element which is important to the individual who participates in tournament golf. In addition to his teaching, Pat assists and is responsible for much of the day to day operations at our facility.


Every group has someone who can be counted on to be steady and positive, and that is Pat for us.  He has been playing for more than 35 years.