Craig Kennedy, Bill Rasmas, Derek Barron,

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Craig Kennedy 

Craig is a Teaching Professional who has been with us since 1999 and helps us a lot on a full time basis, which is sixteen loyal years.  He counts rounds of 67s and 66’s with no bogies under his belt.

Despite being still young, he already has been at golf for 32 years, starting at age 13!  He has been coaching golf professionally since 1990.  Besides teaching at UPS with Todd, he also teaches college classes on golf at UPS and Pacific Lutheran University.

Craig believes in weight shift into the back foot, then weight shift back to front foot on the backswing.  If there is anything in golf to see Craig has seen it and brings this depth to his teaching.
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Bill Rasmas 

Much like Todd, Bill has a heck of a good golf swing.  He is a much valued Instructor who has been with us since 2013.  Bill has won the club championship Meadow Park, in Tacoma multiple times.

In 1980, he led qualifying in the Wisconsin State Long Drive contest at Merrill Hills in Waukesha, with a drive of 288 yards, 2 inches, and advanced to district competition in Lebanon, Indiana, “Rasmas, Top Driver in Golf”.

Similar to Ken above, Bill is also a disciple of The Manuel de la Tore golf system.


Derek A. Barron

Derek is on a serious quest to earn his PGA card, and has been with us since 0000.  He has carded a 59, ‘The rare feat has happened six times on the PGA Tour, the last by Jim Furyk in 2013. Kevin Sutherland authored a 59 — nearly the first 58 but he bogeyed the last hole — for the first one on the Champions Tour last August …

‘Barron had a late introduction to golf. He took up the game as a sophomore in high school, so “to play in college really wasn’t an option.”

Instead, Barron worked for his grandfather at a hydraulics company. He later became a construction foreman in charge of a crew of 15. He maintained his interest in golf, playing before or after work and competing in occasional weekend tournaments.’

In conjunction with Todd Irwin, Derek won The 2015 Pacific Northwest Section PGA Pro-Assistant Championship by 9 shots a best ball score of 64-62 = 136.

He is a PGA, Apprentice Assistant Professional.
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