Golfer Arnold Palmer, Dies At 87


Just happened… Golfer Arnold Palmer, Who Gave New Life To A Staid Game, Dies At 87

Palmer won 62 PGA Tour events, fifth on the all-time list. He won golf’s biggest titles: the Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open. He won seven majors in all.  But it wasn’t just the numbers that made Palmer an iconic sports figure.



‘He wasn’t the greatest male golfer of all time. That title usually prompts a debate about Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods or Ben Hogan, maybe Sam Snead. But the most important player? It’s fairly unanimous that Arnold Palmer was, true to his nickname, the King.

‘Palmer strapped a moldy, staid game on his back and gave it new life. He ignited golf’s popularity in the 1960s as he became the sport’s first TV star.

“He was someone who looked like an NFL halfback,” says senior writer Ian O’Connor. “He had arms like a blacksmith and giant hands, and he had those rugged good looks. He was just a different golfer. Nobody had ever really seen anything like him in that sport.”
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For those of you who do not already know, our very own Ken Kubitz caddied for JC Snead (nephew of legend Sam), competing against Palmer–click here for podcast snippet.  Segment starts at 9:56 or full podcast below:


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USA Today:  Arnold Palmer: ‘The King’ of golf dies at 87.

Sports Illustrated:  Arnold Palmer, Beloved Golf Legend and International Icon, Dead at 87.


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