Mike Hits 202 Yards with a Six Iron, Talented Junior Cameron, and Two Recommendations

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Using the 2017 golf line up Mizuno Golf just came out with, Tacoma Golf Center President and golf professional Mike Givens was able to not only hit a six iron more than 200 yards, but 202 yards.

He not only picked up about twenty yards from his usual equipment and distance, but added about 9 miles per hour, for a 128 ball speed.

At Tacoma Golf Center, we have access to smart technology available to help our customers and students get better.

In addition to our ‘Full Swing’ 3D Studio, we use the TrackMan golf system to get data and information crucial in helping some of our students get better.
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Here is the very image of delight which keeps us all coming back to golf again and again. This is a typical lesson with one of our students–in this case, one of our really talented Juniors. Take a look here at

Cameron has been taking lessons from Tacoma General Manager Pat Bean since early summer, and demonstrates continued improvement.

This is a typical lesson with one of our students. He is age 9. It is never too late to start, nor is it ever too early to take up or set upon improving your golf swing, and thus your game.
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At Tacoma Golf Center, besides being a great place to practice your golf, meet other golfers, have a snack, or get new equipment, is a gathering place for many of the golfers from the nineteen or more local golf courses surrounding us.  Not only do they often come to Tacoma Golf Center, but we also like to enjoy our game at their courses.

There is a real synergy there.  They come to us.  We go to them.  There are many great places to enjoy golf and we will be sharing more about them in the future.  Two that readily come to right to mind are Allenmore Golf Course in Tacoma, and Meadow Park Golf Course near Lakewood–also in Tacoma.

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We have a very good relationship with both the players and managers of each of  these courses, and REALLY encourage you to try them if you have not already done so.  We know the folks there real well (at both!) and many of our customers golf at one or the other or both.  Thank you!

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