Golf Roundup of TGC and South Sound

Anyone can blog or make a webpage. Pages come and go. But our President is bringing a WHOLE new TGC, Tacoma Golf Center to our region starting in the spring. This is not a gimmick, but a serious and concerted effort–using technology, entertainment, events, to support sport enjoyment and improvement REGIONALLY. As such, he supports not only generating this webpage, that is to say, web content, but maintaining it.

This means, we plan to be regular, and if we cannot ever be regular, then certainly not be very intermittent or absent. We want you to feel you can come here and get value for your visit. And now:
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Congratulate Mike and Abby, for 5th, with a score of 60!   Their results above.


There is Mike again.  Dedication.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice!

Yesterday President Mike Givens and Todd Erwin competed yet again, in the 2016 Wilson Staff Pro-Jr Best Ball, at Riverbend Golf Complex in Kent.  Since it was is a Pro/Junior Pro-Amateur, each of them played with one of their kids!
———- ———-


Todd and Craig Kennedy compete tomorrow at a fund raiser, for The University of The Puget Sound, to raise funds for their collegiate team, at The Loggers Open.  We wish them the best and will let you know of any good news.  As many of you know, Craig teaches a golf class their, and Todd shares coaching roles with Craig.
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Scott D is competing in Tacoma Golf Association 2016 City Amateur Tournament.  We wish him the best.  ‘All eligible amateur competitors are welcome to play two rounds at two of the areas more competitive courses in an attempt to qualify for the final round.  The final round is held at an area course of prominence. The champion becomes a part of a storied history, and receives regional recognition as well as Hudson Cup points.’
———- ———-

2016_Assistant_winner      Matt-Thurmond

Props to local aspiring professional golfer John Cassidy of Alderbrook Golf & Yacht Club, for his first place result Sunday, at the National Car Rental, Assistant PGA Professional Championship, at Fairwood Golf and Country Club on the 8th, shooting a 74 and 68 for 142.  Latter that night, the News Tribune had a nice write up on him:  ‘Local amateur golfer Casey Adams’ play anything but amateurish‘.  Congratulations for his many successes in the last few years. You have seen his name or will.  He does not practice with us, and has his own venues, but we aim to share not only about OUR students, customer, and instructors, but highlights of talent or events in the region.

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(R image, courtesy PGA)

And Shane Prante of Fort Steilacoom Golf Course (Pierce County) shot even rounds, 72-71 for 143 for 2nd.  We even got to talk with John, and asked him, ‘Anything you can tell us about John?‘  He was forthright and clear and forthright, saying, ‘Shade is a heck of a golfer.  He can really golf.

In the future, we will profile as many winners and or aspiring golfers here, from or around the South Sound as we can.   So much great talent and hard work.  And there is plenty of golf business to go around for everyone, and we aim to spread the good news for as many as we can.  Thank you.  On behalf of President, Mike Givens, Tacoma Golf Center.


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