Profile in Dedication, Pat Bean


We have given quite a bit of attention to Mike and Todd recently, and also had opportunity to share about Junior Camp, putting more well deserved light on Craig. But we again turn our attention to Pat who also teaches a lot, and gives many lessons.

Many students or golfers get exit interviews with Nick at the front counter, to find out how their experience went, and make or give adjustments. This is something we have learned how to do, in getting feedback for our own improvement or evolution. Just as golfers want to get better, so do we.

IMG_1277     IMG_1278

And what we hear again and again, is how comfortable people are with Pat. Golf can be very intimidating and Pat has a well earned reputation for being a first choice when a new golfer calls for a lesson or is just starting out. He has a way of making everyone feel comfortable.

If want to get beyond being an aspiring golfer to a serious one, then yes, by all means, Todd and Mike are instructors to try out. But if you are new, we often suggest Pat. We have seven instructors, with a wide range of styles, and will find the right person for your comfort level personality.

IMG_1230     IMG_1231

When we first met Pat, we mistakenly thought his focus was as a general manager WITH teaching.  But that is not the case.  His primary purpose is teaching, and does a LOT of instruction, while wearing the challenges of being a general manager.  Quite a difference.  We admire his calm, dependability, and being always knowledgeable while being professional yet ALWAYS approachable.  This is so rare.  Thank you.

It is so tempting to call him a real gentleman.  But he is more than that.  He is a real gem.

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