Follow Up on Junior Camp

Both Junior Camps in July and early August last week were a great success. Kids had a ton of fun, learned a lot, and our President Mike Givens certainly plans on continuing next summer [1].  We look forward to seeing everyone back next summer!  Twenty-eight attended last week.

Here is an image from our leading Coach, Craig Kennedy, which will give you a feel for the mix, size and flavor of the event.  Craig is on the right (black), next to Scott (red).


Carrie Kreger, was very kind in granting permissions to share images from her son Nolan.  Many talented juniors attended, and are glad to share any other images with authorization.  Just let us know.  Nolan has a bright future ahead and fortunate to have a mom who is so very supportive of his growing his golf game!

13873194_10210151729299535_5030592088507364535_n       IMG_048713880407_10210154365565440_724872093528101446_n        13912830_10210154365605441_630885300907106703_n

And before we say goodbye to Junior Camp this summer, a bit more on Craig. Besides being a VERY accomplished and long term golfer (already 32 years), he teaches college golf classes both at Pacific Lutheran University, and the University of the Puget Sound (latter with or Director of Instruction, with Todd Erwin).

We hope to issue further podcasts, and similarly profile Craig in detail (as we did Mike, Todd, Pat), who has been with us since 1999.  We thank him for his dedication and long years of service with us.  It is very easy to schedule electronically with Craig, here, or just call us if you prefer.

In so doing, we will also try to profile Bill Rasmus, and share a bit about both Scott and Nick who help us with great customer service at our counter, in the shop, on the range, and countless other ways.  Thank you all.

[1] Estimated dates.  Will let you know when firm!

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