Results: Todd Erwin Second Out of 224 Golfers: 2016 Senior Oregon Open Invitational

Not much need be said.  Not now.  The results speak for themselves.  Todd blistered a 68 for the third round.  Were it not just for one small detail–Joe Carranza’s 64 in the third round.  That when added to his 71-71-64 for 206 earned him a deserved win.  We congratulate this excellent golfer from Aldarra Golf Club, a private golf course in Sammamish, Washington.

Todd’s 71-69-68 for 208 was a model of progressive stability.  And the leaders near him in rounds one and two, all fell back, but Todd held.


Todd is our Director of Instruction at our Tacoma Golf Center, and is of course available for lessons.  You can also schedule electronically, here, in our easy to use tool (can also choose Mike or Craig!).  He is easy to talk to, and despite being a pro, is known for making everyone feel comfortable.

Just listen to him here:


Our President Mike Givens, gets a ton of credit, for providing all we have–the facility, talent, vision, customer service focus, and much more.  A positive attitude, always.  And one heck of a golfer also.

He finished out today with a solid 75, to finish at 228:  74-79-75.  He leads us and is also available for lessons.


Tacoma Golf Center.  Great customers.  Easy to get to.  Great Instructors.  Easy going yet professional.  Come join us for steak night even.  Best deal in town.  All the balls you can hit and a steak with fries or salad, Thursdays 4 to 8 pm, $17.00!  Summer is still on.  Bring a friend!

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