Todd and Mike Head to 2016 Senior Oregon Open, at Wildhorse


Image source, credit PGA, Pacific NW, Forward Press for Sept 2014 [1].

Tacoma Golf Center has very good reason to be excited about our Director of Instruction, Todd Erwin, and President Mike Givens returning to competitive action, early next week. They will be in the 2016 Senior Oregon Open at Wildhorse Resort in Pendleton, Oregon, for the three rounds Tuesday to Thursday August 2nd to 4th.  Practice round Monday the 1st. We will keep you posted with material news.

Todd has been a fierce and accomplished competitor for a long time, and this certainly includes the Senior Oregon Open Invitational, which he won in 2014, and tied for second in 2015.

His winning rounds in 2014 were 62-69-66 for his dominant 197 ‘tied the previous tournament record that Chuck Milne of Vanco Driving Range set back in 2005‘.  His Final Round Leaderboard shown here.   We are very proud of Todd.  His outstanding 2015 is by the way similarly shown in the Final Round Leaderboard here, where he tied for second!  Keep your eye on Todd indeed.

Mike did not play in 2014, but scored a solid 144 in 2013, (as did Todd with a 143), tied for 27th  (Todd tied for 21st).  Results for the 2013 Senior Oregon Open Invitational are shown here.  Mike participated in 2015, putting in a solid workman like 78-71-79, for 228, tied for 75th.  We are also very proud of him, too!

Todd and Mike have competed together many times.  To give one example, the 2013 7 Cedars Senior Washington, Open Invitational, Todd 207, Mike 211:

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Both Todd and Mike are available for lessons, which can be scheduled electronically with Todd or Mike here.  In our recent Showcase, we shared some of our podcasts again.  Here is Todd’s and was a REAL favorite episode:

Todd elaborates, here, and has a second podcast:


Before we go, weather delay affected round three, at the PGA Championship today.  You may have heard–interesting:  ‘PGA Championship: This is why they stop for lightning: Hazeltine, 1999‘.  Leaderboard with some of R3 here.  Nine in the hunt at -5 or greater.

Word was, if not among the lowest (and cannot at this moment get exact facts), that there were a LOT of players under 70 for a PGA Championship, with sixteen players by our count, 137 or below for end of R2.  The 17th player led a large chasing pack at 143.

[1] Source of image, here.  Thank you.

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