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Practice bunker area, McCormick Golf Club, Scottsdale Arizona. Ken with Aaron Bergman, Manual de la Torre, Tommy Aaron, Ken (2nd from R), and Bill Rasmas.  // 11-16-2009

Tacoma Golf Center has a tremendous depth of talent.  About our seven instructors, is  shared here.  Last week we shared Ken’s first two podcasts. Well, there are six of them:

Here is the third and fourth: ‘Back in Wisconsin, Off the scrap heap of marriage, meet Apela, then my future wife Mary! Go to court, insisting on right to know who my birth mother is. Meet her and then find out who my FATHER was and how I was born‘.

As Ken also shares:  ‘Manuel’s insights to Tiger Wood’s Golf Swing, helping Pia Nilsson eager to get my view on her swing–who was the coach of the number one women in the LPGA, Annika Sorenstam. Affect of Women’s issues on Golf, helping Annika Sorenstam with her golf swing.

‘Former college quarterback, Moses Alipates has only been golfing for six months, yet is doing fantastic.

‘When I left Manuel, he told me that I could teach better than 90% of his students in the country but now, after 40,000 lessons, I know that I can teach better than 99% of his students in the country.’

Ken is age 83.  He’s still swinging.  And he is active at our center.  As in several days per week.  It’s near impossible to miss him.

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