Tacoma Golf Center: Facility, Range of Ages, Range of Coaches, Short Game

We are glad to share this on Father’s Day. Todd continues by talking about the range of our seven instructors. Some are better about the mental side of game, others the equipment side, such as club fitting, or use of technology to calibrate problems then remedy swing problems. This is podcast six, of our nine part series.

He goes on to discuss how he wished that he got help earlier, in his game.

Teaching golf has given the opportunity to coach a wide range of persons, from as young as age four, mature as ninety, those disabled, or even a blind person.

Having been in the golf world, Todd has both had contact with many other professionals, helped them or alternately learned from them. This includes Rick Fehr and Brian Mogg. He also talks about scientist Dave Peels, about work inside of twenty.

Todd concludes by talking about, our being ‘here to make you feel better, here to uplift you’. Come visit or call us at 253-472-6899. We are here nine am till nine at night, 363 days per year!

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