Tacoma Golf Center: Depth of Talent, Role of Fitting

Tacoma Golf Center is indeed at the center of golf in Pierce and South King County. Mike continues the now third of our nine part series, talking about what it takes to lead such a wide ranging organization. With that, customer service is what everyone appreciates about TGC. Everyone feels welcome.

In addition to providing a practice place, instruction, equipment–and even food, TGC can really help you get your clubs right, with club fitting.

As Mike says: ‘if you make a good swing, with the club which fits you properly, you will get a good result’, and ‘I make sure you get the club, which is going to fit you. Then you are going to get good swings, then good results’. ‘Its a real important process.

As he says, ‘If you go to amazon, you (can) buy a $500 pair of shoes and if they don’t fit, they pinch you’. We are ‘not going to let you buy it (i.e.) clubs and never see you again’. We ‘EXPECT TO see you again’.

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